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What is the social significance of a pipe hanger? Why do you see it?

What is the social significance of a pipe hanger? What role does it play in society? What can you contribute to it? Today we have to discuss, first, we all know pipe hanger is to ensure the safe operation of the pipeline system is established, and is widely used in electrical and seismic, underground pipe gallery, subway, HVAC, water supply and fire control and other fields, play a very important role in these fields, when it comes to social significance, what is pipe hanger social significance? Now let's get to know it.
Pipe Supports and Hangers
energy conservation
(1) saving steel
(2) the corresponding economizing of coal and electricity and transportation.
Emission reduction
(1) saving steel means that the emission of carbon dioxide is reduced during the smelting process.
(2) air pollution, noise pollution, light pollution and so on, such as spot feeding, cutting, welding and drilling, etc. in the installation process.
(3) reduce the labor intensity of the builders.
China's rapid economic growth has made great achievements in various fields of construction, but it has also cost huge resources and environment. The contradiction between them is becoming increasingly acute, and the masses are strongly reacting to the problem of environmental pollution. This situation is directly related to the irrational economic structure and the way of growth. Not to speed up the adjustment of the economic structure, change the way of growth, not support the support of resources, the environment is not accommodated, the society can not afford it, and the economic development is unsustainable. Only by persisting in economic development, clean development and safe development can the economic and rapid development be achieved. At the same time, greenhouse gas emissions cause global warming, which has attracted wide attention from the international community. Further strengthening the energy saving and emission reduction work is also an urgent need to deal with global climate change.

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