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Dynamic components

The product group 3 includes all the components used under dynamic stress, that is, where the load direction changes. These dynamic limiting devices ensure that no accidental displacement occurs when the pipes and other equipment are subjected to vibration. Normal heat expansion and cold contraction will not be hindered. The internal or external effects - such as water hammer or earthquake - pipe and other equipment will produce vibration.
In addition, these components can also be used as a pipe thermal expansion support to form a guiding system and a fixed part of the zero displacement point. For vertical pipe segments, this flexible fixed point is often required. In order to expand the scope of the application, it is required to have a corresponding professional product. The latest pipe hangers include BDL rigid support, energy absorber and vibration absorber (damper), which together constitute a dynamic load control device.
The BDL dampers do not impede normal thermal expansion. When a sudden movement beyond a limited speed is encountered, the vibration absorber is locked immediately to form a rigid connection. The design principle of the BDL hydraulic damper is well tested and tested, and has been proved to be safe for long term and is not required to be maintained. The main advantages are as follows:
Anti-corrosion material
Special sealing system
Anti-seismic guidance system
An airtight oil cavity with pressure
Full dynamic response
Proven to be free of maintenance for at least 20 years
A series of nearby products
Certification of independent authority
The design load range is 3 - 5 kN, the standard product includes the 30 type damper, the design load is 1000 kN, and the 31 type damper is designed according to the customer's specification.
BDL has a series of production scale of dampers, more than 2000 production per year, and the products are mainly used in nuclear power plants. Many products are used to replace aging equipment in order to save maintenance costs.
Energy absorber (E-bar)
In the case of small displacement, the energy absorber can be used instead of the damper. Through adjustable free stroke, the pipe is allowed to have a small nondestructive dynamic displacement to the system. If it exceeds the pre set free stroke, the displacement will be limited to the limit stop, so that the shell will expand, and the kinetic energy can be transformed into plastic deformation energy, thereby avoiding the adverse pressure limit.
The components are especially suitable for pipe shedding, and the energy absorbed can be determined in advance at the design stage.
There is no need to repeat the experiment because of the absence of worn parts. The 32 type energy absorber has the following advantages:
Adjustable free stroke
No need to maintain
With overloading restrictions
With overloading restrictions
No need to repeat the test
If you need to verify the installation, you can use a special program. The BDL rigid frame is a standardized series of components and is in stock.
Rigid support forms an axial rigid connection between pipeline and structure. Because rigid support has joint connection point, it allows pipe to move in limited displacement within the displacement range of bracket. The BDL rigid frame has the characteristics of simple design and economic application.
No weld seam
Safety locking link through fine thread
Excellent performance and weight ratio
Applicability of the certification of independent institutions